On how to solve the criticism of property management

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01 & nbsp; sorting out views&Residential property management is accompanied by the development of real estate, its original intention is to better manage the residential area, create a good order, environmental sanitation, green and beautiful living environment for owners, and constantly improve people's sense of happiness and happiness in daily life.&However, with the development of the times, the propensity of property management is becoming more and more serious. Some property management companies have even reached the level of profit seeking, which seriously infringes on the interests of owners, and the legal status between property companies and owners has been seriously misplaced. Originally, the property company was hired by the owner as the "housekeeper", and its management behavior was based on the authorization of the law. However, many property companies have changed their positions to become the owners of the community, and the owners have become the source of the property companies' interests. This kind of dislocation causes the serious opposition between the owner and the property company, and it becomes more and more intense, so that the voice of canceling the property management company in the society is higher and higher.&As the contradiction between property management companies and owners is becoming more and more serious, property management has become a social criticism. To eliminate this criticism fundamentally, we must explore a new model of owner autonomy.&As far as the property management of residential quarters is concerned, the interests of all owners are common, and the goal is the same. If we can explore a new model of owners' autonomy, realize the situation of owners' autonomy, benefit sharing and common maintenance, we believe that we will fundamentally solve the contradiction between property management companies and owners in residential quarters.&To realize the autonomy of the owners, the owners' committee should be set up first to obtain the qualification of the main body according to the law. Then, the property management organization should be set up by the industry committee to manage by itself. All the income should be shared by the owners and used for the maintenance of the community to realize the owners' sharing. Not only that, the industry committee can also make full use of various resources of the community, adjust measures to local conditions and local conditions, constantly excavate, broaden various profit channels, realize income generation and increase income, and use these income to subsidize property management expenses and reduce property management expenses of owners.&The owner autonomy not only has a solid objective foundation, but also has a broad development prospect      Firstly, the owner autonomy closely links the vital interests of the owners with the community management. The subject of property management is no longer the external property company opposite to the owners, but the organization of all owners. The income generated by property management has been reflected in the income of all owners themselves. Therefore, it is easy to resolve the current property management mode on the basis of common interests All kinds of contradictions.&Secondly, the income of property management under the mode of owner autonomy is ultimately taken from and used by the owners. The benefits of property management and the vital interests of owners are integrated into one, which eliminates the conflicts of interests between owners and property companies in current property management, and also eliminates various sharp contradictions between property companies and owners caused by interests.&Third, the owner autonomy mode, on the basis of the unity of the interests of the owners and the property management, the owners' enthusiasm and initiative in maintaining the community management and creating a more comfortable living environment will be generally improved, and the self-discipline and self-consciousness will also be continuously enhanced, and the development prospect of the community property management will be more extensive.&Several problems need to be paid attention to in the realization of owner autonomy&The establishment of the owners' committee must be in accordance with the law and regulations.&2. The owners' committee must elect personnel with high ideological consciousness, strong moral concept and service consciousness.&3. We must strictly accept the supervision and guidance of relevant government departments such as streets and neighborhood committees, and set up and carry out activities under the guidance and supervision of the government.&4. The owners' committee must improve and perfect various systems, rules of procedure and various owners' supervision mechanisms.&The industry committee should set up various necessary organizations to be responsible for the operation and management and carry out various activities on the basis of standardization.Introduction to lawyers02Gao Sichun, a lawyer of Shandong Yiheng law firm, has been in practice since 1995. He graduated from Shandong University with associate degree in law and an MBA from Renmin University.Good at economic disputes, non litigation cases (equity transfer, equity incentive, project investment and financing, project feasibility study, major contract drafting review, enterprise restructuring, etc.).His main works include "analysis and prediction of the future development of Horgos and China Kazakhstan cooperation center" (keynote speech of Horgos Development Forum), "comprehensive understanding of the financial crisis, correct choice of response measures" (second prize of lawyer's thesis evaluation), exploration and attempt (professional works for small and medium-sized enterprises Management), etc.