Military related legal affairs of Shandong Yiheng law firm

The military related legal affairs department of Shandong Yiheng law firm is composed of senior lawyers and backbone lawyers who are familiar with the army, and is responsible for handling all military related legal affairs Institute procedures exercise authority, accept the director leaders business guidance and supervision. the military related law firms undertake the following business:

1. Litigation cases and non litigation legal affairs with troops or soldiers, military dependents and ex servicemen (including but not limited to retired, retired, transferred to work, self employment, veterans) as the main body.

2. Litigation cases and non litigation legal affairs in which the military judicial administrative organs exercise all or part of the jurisdiction in the process of case processing. In the development of civil military integration, military enterprises or private enterprises with both military secrets and market characteristics provide legal services.

3. Legal affairs related to the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

4. Perennial legal adviser to military related enterprises.

5. Perennial legal adviser for military units. When undertaking the above business, they will not accept the entrustment of the other party in conflict with the military related legal affairs.