Criminal business of Shandong Yiheng law firm

The criminal Business Department of Yiheng law firm is the first professional business department established by Shandong Yiheng law firm with brand effect. We have a team of criminal legal service lawyers with rich experience in criminal defense, including senior criminal experts who have taken off police uniform from the legal team of public security organs, business backbone transformed from public prosecution department of procuratorial organs, and young lawyers who have experienced criminal business for many years. All of them come from famous law schools such as China University of political science and law Deep professional skills. With the most professional and strongest criminal defense skills, Yiheng criminal business department has undertaken a large number of major and important cases with great social influence, providing support for the construction of compliance and anti-corruption system for many large companies, central enterprises and financial institutions. At the same time, Yiheng criminal business department pays more attention to the protection of the rights of ordinary people, is keen on the legal aid work of criminal cases, undertakes the social responsibility of criminal lawyers, serves the public and the society. With firm will and rich criminal defense skills, Yiheng criminal business department will provide high-quality legal services to customers according to their specific needs.