Bankruptcy liquidation business of Shandong Yiheng law firm

The bankruptcy liquidation team is committed to maximizing the interests of debtors, creditors, employees and interested parties in each bankruptcy case, vitalizing stagnant assets and resources, maximizing social benefits, and turning bankruptcy cases into paid public welfare undertakings for the purpose of sharing the government's worries, relieving the burden of the court, relieving the difficulties of enterprises, solving the difficulties of employees and seeking profits for creditors. The bankruptcy liquidation team has undertaken many difficult, complex and major bankruptcy liquidation projects over the years. It is a professional team with rich experience and can fight hard battles, which is highly praised by the government, the court and the interested parties. Part of the cases undertaken are as follows:

1. bankruptcy and liquidation case of Laiwu silkworm breeding farm;

2. Bankruptcy and liquidation of Shandong huichanghao Beer Co., Ltd

3. Comparison and selection of bankruptcy liquidation plan and equity transfer plan of Luzhong Mining Co., LtdThe bankruptcy and liquidation case of Laiwu Jiaxin industry and Trade Co., Ltd

4.The reorganization of Dezhou Daqian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd

5. Bankruptcy and liquidation of Laiwu Mingjia Real Estate Co., Ltd

6. Bankruptcy and liquidation case of Shandong Laiwu Transportation Group Co., Ltd