Marriage and family affairs of Shandong Yiheng law firm

The marriage and family affairs department of Shandong Yiheng law firm, focusing on the traditional marriage and family business and wealth inheritance field, provides diversified and comprehensive legal service system for customers in combination with corporate governance, risk prevention and control, equity incentive, and commercial litigation, so as to meet customers' legal service needs in depth. The team is composed of a number of senior practicing lawyers. It not only has theoretical foundation in litigation, psychology, finance and economics, investment and financing, equity, corporate governance and other theoretical foundation, but also has practical experience in handling major difficult cases such as divorce, inheritance, fraud, property division, debt division and equity division. It is good at using diversified solution mechanisms to resolve the dual crisis of legal and reasonable principles for clients. The lawyer team adheres to the concept of professional and all-round service, and works hard in the field of marriage and family affairs to provide the most professional legal services for each party. Main business scope: divorce and inheritance dispute; property dispute after divorce, property division within marriage and equity division dispute; loan dispute and debt division dispute; infringement dispute, property return and compensation dispute; gift contract dispute and separation dispute; child custody dispute; family wealth inheritance, property separation, property trust business; corporate governance, investment and financing, and equity Right structure design, equity incentive, perennial legal adviser, etc.