Wang Jinchen: how women protect themselves

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Recently, a video spread wildly on the Internet has aroused the attention of the people of the whole country. The video shows that in the late night, a man suddenly carried out a cruel and inhuman assault on the woman. The man punched and kicked the woman's head, which can be described as a deadly move. Later, the man carried out compulsory indecent behavior on the woman (after investigation).As soon as the video came out, the man's brutal behavior immediately aroused great anger among the people of the whole country, and netizens forwarded them one after another to confirm the place of the crime, the victim, especially the man who committed the violence, and demanded that he be brought to justice.No matter what reason makes the man so crazy, what kind of legal sanctions will he be subject to. As a woman, how to carry out effective self-protection and how to avoid being infringed by criminals. The following points should be kept in mind. 1、 Strong sense of self-protection. 2、 A certain degree of self-protection measures. 3、 When necessary, the law should be used to protect and remedy the self-protection.When it comes to the sense of self-protection, frankly speaking, it is necessary to treat people cautiously and keep an eye on them at all times. They should not only withstand temptation but also be defensive. Especially in today's society, the vast majority of women are in the workplace, but also take into account the family, it is inevitable to encounter unexpected situations in work and family. When in danger, as a woman, you should quickly make a judgment and quickly and safely leave the scene. Of course, it is better not to let yourself in danger. The victim in this case is walking on the street alone in the middle of the night Can guarantee not to meet the wolf hungry tiger. In the case of Jinan stewardess being killed in a taxi late at night in 2018, the stewardess were originally aware of the possible dangers, but they were lucky enough to end up on a road of no return. As a woman, you must believe your sixth sense when you encounter such a thing. Secondly, self-protection measures. Now it's summer, many girls who love beauty are more exposed in their clothes. Naturally, they will attract hot eyes and even attract ghostly salty pigs. For example, what will you do if such a thing happens on the bus? My suggestion is to shout out loud. At this time, you can't be the silent majority. You should take the initiative to attack. For example, if this happened in the workplace, what would you do if your boss harassed you? My suggestion is to take a euphemistic attitude and tell him: "this can never happen a second time. &Of course, a better way is to record his illegal behavior in case of emergency. Here, I think of the case of "killing a wife on a cliff in Thailand". After the wife was sent to the hospital to be rescued, she had a conversation with her husband in the ward, which roughly means that her husband pushed her off the cliff and asked her to keep it secret. In fact, she can ask the police to place recording equipment in the ward, so the truth will be revealed to the public? Of course, there are many measures for self protection. If conditions permit, you can practise wolf prevention or buy a bottle of anti wolf spray, and can protect yourself quickly and timely in pinch. Thirdly, we should take legal measures to protect our rights to the end. Women in the workplace, if you encounter a boss who is plotting against you, you can't be complacent. If you want to tolerate it, you'd better forget it. This idea can only make you more passive. Of course, it's the same in family life. If necessary, you should resolutely use the legal weapon to protect yourself. But then again, you have to take the necessary protection measures in advance, or you will end up dead without proof. What would happen to the victim of this case without this video?Speaking of this, many people will pay attention to the punishment of this violent man? According to the provisions of the criminal law, the man is suspected to constitute the crime of intentional injury, the crime of compulsory indecency against women, and the crime of creating disturbances. Of course, it needs the investigation of the public security organ and the final judgment of the people's court. I believe his judgment will be punished according to the identified crimes. By the way, such a man can never marry, because the man has a very serious tendency of violence. If anyone marries him with domestic violence, it will be more than two or three days. Therefore, it is right to say that his girlfriend breaks up with him. Alas, why do such people make girlfriends? Perhaps the consciousness of self-protection is not enough!