[focus of Yiheng] Shandong Yiheng law firm was commended for its work of acting as a lawyer for appealing

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&On June 18, 2020, the city's lawyers' appeal work commendation conference was held; It was held in the conference center of Qingdao intermediate people's court. The commendation meeting was held by the Municipal People's court in conjunction with Qingdao Municipal Bureau of justice and Qingdao Lawyers Association. Li Fangmin, Secretary of the Party group and President of Qingdao intermediate people's court, Wang Shujian, deputy director general and second level inspector of Qingdao Municipal Judicial Bureau, Yang Dianke, director of legal service management department, Cheng Chao and Qing, President of the second division of filing cases of Qingdao intermediate people's court, were held Xiao Peiwen, a four-level researcher from the law enforcement and supervision department of the political and Legal Commission of Qingdao municipal Party committee, and Liu Changqing, full-time Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Qingdao lawyer industry, attended the meeting. Yao Jianbo, chief judge of Qingdao intermediate people's court, presided over the commendation meeting, and Zhao Chunyong, Secretary General of Qingdao Lawyers Association, read out the list of winners.Moment of honor&At the meeting, 10 & amp; outstanding law firms, 10 & amp; excellent attorneys, as well as typical cases and excellent authors of letters and visits related to law and litigation were commended at the meeting.&Zhao Chunyong, secretary and director of the Party branch of Shandong Yiheng law firm, won the first prize in the case of proxy appeal and the article "Analysis on the problems of lawyers' participation in cases involving litigation and visiting" written by Zhao Chunyong, secretary and director of the Party branch of Shandong Yiheng law firm. At the same time, lawyer Yang Ziquan was awarded the honorary title of "excellent Deputy appeal lawyer".Since its launch on June 1, 2015, our city's lawyers' appeal agency work has achieved remarkable results. The lawyer's appeal duty room, the center for lawyers' participation in resolving and acting for criminal appeals, and the mediation center for lawyers' participation in resolving civil and commercial application retrial cases have been gradually established, and mechanisms such as case filing green channel, evidence investigation order and duty lawyer's subsidy supporting the work of lawyer's agency appeal have been established With the continuous improvement, the service brand effect of "appeal agency, public interest for the people" is constantly emerging, and the lawyer's agency appeal system has played a positive role in resolving the contradiction between petition and petition. In the past three years, the city's lawyers on duty have received more than 2900 petition cases, From 2018 to 2019, the lawyers on duty received 1992 consultation and appeal cases in the Municipal People's court, more than twice the total number of cases received in the previous two years, promptly mediated a large number of disputes, resolved a number of legal and litigation related petition cases according to law, effectively protected the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, and maintained social harmony and stability.