[focus of Yiheng] congratulations to lawyer Zhu mengke of Shandong Yiheng law firm on winning the "Qingdao lawyer industry social public welfare award"

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honorOur lawyer Zhu mengke won the "Qingdao lawyer industry social welfare award" in the selection and commendation activity of "70 years' birthday and 40 years' dream pursuit" in Qingdao lawyer industry;&In July 2019, Zhu mengke, our legal aid lawyer, responded positively to the & quot; 1 + 1 & quot; legal aid action of Shandong Provincial Lawyers Association in 2019, went to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, embarked on the journey of legal aid, and bravely took on the dedication. With his excellent performance, Zhu mengke was rated as "the county's outstanding aid lawyer" by the political and Legal Committee of Chengduo County of the Communist Party of China; At the same time, he has been named "advanced worker of the year 2019" by the Judicial Bureau of many counties, and now he has won the "Qingdao lawyer industry social welfare award".&Honor is the responsibility. Shandong Yiheng law firm always adheres to the concept of public welfare and is at the forefront of devoting love team. In the future, we will continue to actively fulfill the obligation of legal aid, undertake social responsibility and repay the society with practical actions.Personal profile&Zhu mengke is a lawyer, director of military affairs department and a practicing lawyer. After 17 years in the army, he served in a grass-roots unit of the Navy's Beihai fleet and graduated from Xi'an Political College of the Chinese people's Liberation Army with a bachelor's degree in law. During the period of service, he had the qualification of top secret. During his service, he wrote the key points of military security work and the operation specification of military security work, which were learned and used for reference by many brother troops. Won the navy "excellent talent award";. He was once rated as an advanced individual in the Navy and fleet in terms of confidentiality work. He was once honored as an excellent Communist Party member. During his service, he passed the national judicial examination and served as a full-time lawyer after he retired. He received strict professional training in the fields of marriage inheritance, contract, infringement, criminal defense and enterprise legal counsel. He has professional legal thinking and solid legal foundation. Throughout the year, he has been writing more than 2 million words in case handling diary and handling notes, and is good at summarizing and improving. The "guide to agency in civil litigation cases" is a learning guide for new lawyers. He has acted as an agent in litigation cases of grassroots courts, intermediate courts, higher courts and the Supreme People's court, and has represented more than 20 Arbitration Commission cases. He has accumulated rich litigation and arbitration experience, and handled more than 30 military related cases, and achieved good litigation and social effects.Practice fields: marriage and inheritance, contract disputes, infringement disputes, construction project disputes, enterprise legal consultants and criminal legal affairs, long-term adherence to the research and practice of military related legal affairs.