Yiheng focuses on "advanced grassroots party organizations", "excellent party members" and "excellent party workers"

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Decision on Commendation of excellent party members and outstanding party workers of advanced grass roots Party organizations in Qingdao lawyer industry in 2020Recently, the CPC Qingdao lawyer industry committee issued the decision on Commending the advanced grass-roots party organizations, excellent party members and outstanding party workers in the lawyer industry of Qingdao in 2020. The branch committee of Shandong Yiheng law firm was awarded the title of "advanced grass-roots party organization", and Wang Jinchen, an excellent lawyer of our firm, was awarded the title of "Excellent Communist Party member"; Wang Jinzhang, our excellent lawyer, was awarded the title of "excellent party worker".Personal profileWang JinchenIntroduction to lawyers of traffic accident and dispute DepartmentWang Jinchen, graduated from China Agricultural University, is now a full-time lawyer of Shandong Yiheng law firm. He is familiar with the company law, contract law, construction contract and other laws and regulations, and has solid legal professional theoretical knowledge foundation and systematic lawyer professional knowledge. He has been engaged in handling a large number of litigation and non litigation cases for many years, and has accumulated rich experience in handling cases and litigation arbitration skills in practice.Wang JinzhangAn introduction to lawyers from the Department of safeguarding military rightsWang Jinzhang, graduated from the Third Military Medical University of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, has been engaged in full-time lawyer's work for 15 years. He has acted for a large number of civil and commercial cases, and has achieved good results and won the praise of the client. Especially in the field of medical disputes, through its professional knowledge, it has represented dozens of medical disputes, resolved a large number of medical disputes, and achieved good social benefits. Due to his outstanding work, he was recommended by Qingdao Lawyers Association and employed as a part-time mediator by Qingdao Municipal People's Mediation Committee for medical disputes.Practice areas: military related legal affairs; serving as perennial legal adviser of military related enterprises and troops; legal affairs of medical disputes; commercial litigation legal affairs; corporate legal affairs.This honor is the full affirmation of the higher level organization for the standardized construction of our Party branch, and also the encouragement for our further promotion. Returning with honor, the Party branch of Shandong Yiheng law firm will take this honor as a new starting point, further play the role of Party building in promoting the construction, unite and lead all lawyers of the law firm to unite, continuously improve the quality of legal services, provide more professional and efficient legal services for clients, and achieve new achievements in the new journey of building a new era of rule of law society.