At the beginning of the new year, senior partner of Shen Huang law firm of Hong Kong visited our Institute for investigation and exchange

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On January 3, 2020, senior partners Shen Haojie and Huang Qiaoxin of Hong Kong Shen Huang law firm visited our Institute for investigation and exchange. Zhao Chunyong, secretary and director of the Party branch of Shandong Yiheng law firm, warmly received the two senior partners and took them to visit the law firm.Subsequently, director Zhao Chunyong held a forum with his partners, Lawyer Zhang Xiaofei and Lawyer Wang Jinzhang in the party building office. On behalf of Shandong Yiheng law firm, director Zhao Chunyong introduced to Shen Haojie and Huang Qiaoxin, senior partners of shenhuang law firm, the establishment process and organizational structure of the law firm; on behalf of Shen Huang law firm, Huang Qiaoxin introduced how to apply laws in Hong Kong and the work functions of the law society of Hong Kong.During this period, lawyer Huang Qiaoxin stressed that 90% of Hong Kong law firms are small and medium-sized firms, and they need to cooperate with other law firms in handling big and difficult cases.Director Zhao Chunyong said: one belt, one Road East and the other two, will be strengthened by &ldquo and &rdquo.